I pinned this fruited water recipe with the hope to start drinking more water daily. I am a big coffee & Diet Coke drinker and I am not getting the water my body needs daily. Unfortunately I just need some flavor!

What you’ll need:

1 Orange

1 Lemon

2 Limes

1 Cucumber

Mint leaves (about 20 leaves)

4 Mason Jars (24 oz each)

Fruit infused water in a mason jar.

Fruited Water

Chop up the orange, lemon, limes, and cumber. Detach the mint leaves from the plant.blogpost72014 006

Evenly distribute the ingredients into the mason jars.

blogpost72014 010

Then add water!

blogpost72014 014

Store the jars in your refrigerator and drink up. I have been drinking two jars a day for a little over a week and I feel awesome! All this produce can start to add up so I recommend buying everything in bulk, 3 pound or 5 pound bags of citrus are cheaper than buying the pieces individually. Also you will have a gorgeous center piece for your table! Enjoy!

blogpost72014 004

Share your fruited water recipes with me below! Thank you!

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