crochet American flag blanketphoto (1)1300 rows

50 stars

7 red stripes

6 white stripes

10 pounds of yarn

To say that this project was a huge undertaking is not enough. It does not sum up my experience, I will admit that I bit off more than I could chew (and I had to keep chewing for about 8 months).

This blanket will forever remind me of Netflix. It took about 8 months to create my masterpiece. Me, my blanket, my dog and my guy just watching TV and crocheting away. I watched The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black all from start to end, along with a string of random movies & television shows.

*I need to mention season five of Game of Thrones because it is my favorite. p.s. I heart you Jon Snow.

A friend of mine suggested that I list it on my Etsy shop and see how much money I can get. I kindly reminded her that it took me almost as long to create the blanket as it does to make a human baby. You don’t sell your baby on Etsy. But seriously I am attached to this project and excited to cuddle up in this blanket once the weather turns cold.

And now I leave you with this clip from Happy Gilmore because after all that crocheting my fingers really do hurt.

Published by Cait Thrasher

Crafter & Thrifter & Book worm & Dog person & Marketing Professional & Coffee enthusiast & Fashionista & Beer snob & Baker.

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