I’ve been waiting for Easter ever since I pinned this idea!

What you’ll need:

  • Eggs
  • Needle
  • Toothpicks
  • Bowl
  • Paint & Brush or Food Coloring & Bowl
  • Paper & Pen
  • Scissors

Step one: Blow out the eggs

Set up your work space. It’s a good idea to have paper towel on hand. Poke the top and bottom of the egg with the needle. Insert the toothpick into one of the holes (You may need to widen the hole for the toothpick to fit. Insert the needle and gently swirl it around to widen the space) and scramble up the raw egg. Place the egg to your lips and blow the insides over a bowl, you’ll need a good set of lungs, I recommend grabbing some volunteers to assist. If you plan on making many eggs plan ahead! Place the hollow eggs in a baking pan and preheat the oven to 200° F. Put the eggshells in the oven for 13 minutes to dry out the remaining egg.

message easter eggsmessage easter eggsmessage easter eggsmessage easter eggs

Step Two: Decorate

I originally planned to paint my eggshells. However, my turquoise paint was empty and I did not feel like going to the store. Plan B: dye the eggs. If you are going to dye your eggshells I highly recommend dying them before you remove the inside. They float when they are hollow so I had to hold them down to keep them fully submerged, but it beat going out and buying paint.

You can use an egg coloring kit or food coloring. To achieve robin’s egg blue I combined 6 drops of blue food coloring and 2 drops of green food coloring in a large bowl. Let the eggshells sit until you are satisfied with the color. Remove and dry. I put my eggshells in the oven again to remove excess water that leaked in during the dying process. (200° F for 13 minutes).

message easter eggsmessage easter eggs

message easter eggsmessage easter eggs

Step Three: Write & Insert Message

I searched Pinterest for “Inspirational Spring Quotes” and selected my favorites. I jotted them down, cut them out and wrapped them tightly around a toothpick. Slide the toothpick into the eggshell and shake the paper off.

message easter eggsmessage easter eggs

message easter eggsmessage easter eggs


Step Four: Share the Love

You can display/distribute the message Easter eggs however you would like! I have mine placed in a basket ready to distribute to my family!

message easter eggs

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