spring cupcake ideas

spring cupcake idea

These hydrangea cupcakes are great for spring and they are pretty easy too!

I always use Wilton’s Buttercream Frosting recipe for my cakes/cupcakes. It tastes much better then the tubs of frosting from the store and it holds its shape!

Whip up your frosting and divide 50/50. I made blue and purple frosting but you can use any variation you’d like (I want to make a dark pink and light pink next time!). I highly recommend using gel coloring. You can find it at your local craft store in the baking section. The gel colors don’t change the consistency of your frosting like liquid food coloring. Gel coloring is highly concentrated so you don’t need much. I used 4 drops of blue, I didn’t have purple coloring so to achieve purple I mixed 2 drops of red and 2 drops of blue. I felt like a kindergardener mixing the colors!

spring cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideas

spring cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideas spring cupcake ideas

spring cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideas

Now get your piping bag ready! I used a closed star tip and my Featherweight bag. I love my reusable bag and if you’re piping multiple times a year it’s worth picking one up. If you don’t have piping bags you can use a gallon size freezer bag. Just cut one of the bottom corners to fit your tip.

The next step was a little tricky for me and the result wasn’t perfect. You need to fill your frosting bag with one color on each side. I put the blue frosting in the bag first followed by the purple. The blue frosting moved down ahead of the purple and my first couple cupcakes were completely blue. However, the great thing about this frosting recipe is the extra frosting! Typically I can make about 4 or 5 practice designs on a paper plate first which helps remove any air bubbles in your bag and practice makes perfect!

spring cupcake ideascupcake ideas

cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideas

These are ridiculously easy to pipe! Break it down into three rounds.

First, simply squeeze out little flowers until the entire cupcake is covered.

Second, search for the spots that look sparse. Make more flowers in the areas where you can still see the cake.

Third, balance out the shape. Usually an additional two or three flowers on the very top will give you that nice rounded shape.

spring cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideas

spring cupcake ideasspring cupcake ideas

That’s it! As you can see in the photo above my cupcakes started mostly blue and ended mostly purple. Which was obviously not the plan but I kind of like them. Each one has it’s own unique coloring.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!


crochet flower baby blanket pattern on Adventures of a Pinner Blog

crochet flower baby blanket pattern

I’ve been working on this pretty flower baby blanket for a few months and I am so very excited to share it with you! I made this afghan for my friend expecting her second baby girl next month. The nursery is decorated with a pink and navy blue scheme. I think that the colors look great in this pretty flower pattern.

You can download the pattern .pdf for free from Free Patterns the skill level is average.

I used a medium weight yarn (4) by Purl Essence Yarn that I purchased at Joann Fabrics. I made a square afghan of 9 by 9 motifs. I purchased 6 skeins (2 Magenta, 2 Navy Blue, 1 Light Grey and 1 White) and I had yarn to spare. I used my favorite Bamboo Handle hook in 5 mm.

Adventures of a Pinner BlogAdventures of a Pinner Blog

floral fiesta afghan - crochet baby blanket  on Adventures of a Pinner Blogfloral fiesta afghan on Adventures of a Pinner Blog

Round 1

Make a slip knot and chain 6.

Slip stitch into the first chain to form a circle and chain 3.

Double crochet into the circle 15 times. This will give you a total of 16 stitches in the circle. Slip stitch into the first stitch (the third chain from the chain 3).

Adventures of a Pinner BlogAdventures of a Pinner Blog

Adventures of a Pinner BlogAdventures of a Pinner Blog

Round 2

Chain 6. Skip the first chain and half double crochet into the second chain to form the first pedal.

Chain 4. Skip one chain and half double crochet into the next chain.

Chain 5. Skip one chain and half double crochet into the next chain.

Chain 4. Skip one chain and half double crochet into the next chain.

Repeat until you have formed the 8 petals. The first chain is the only petal with a chain of six. After the first petal the pattern goes 4, 5, 4, 5, 4, 5,  and 4.

Slip stitch your last chain of 4 into the first your first chain 6.

Adventures of a Pinner BlogAdventures of a Pinner Blog

Adventures of a Pinner BlogAdventures of a Pinner Blog

Round 3

Double crochet 3 times into the first petal. Chain 3. Double crochet 3 into the petal and slip stitch into the first chain of the next petal.

Single crochet into the second petal. Double crochet 2 times. Chain 1. Double crochet 2 times. Single crochet and slip stitch into the first chain of the next petal.

Repeat this pattern. When you finish petal number 8 slip stitch into the first chain of the first petal and tie off your first motif!

adventures of a pinner blogadventures of a pinner blog

flower crochet baby afghan by adventures of a pinner blogCrochet Flower baby blanket by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

Connect Squares

You can connect the motifs two ways: diamond or square. I personally like the diamond method. The pattern also calls for optional tassels but I’m not really a fan of the tassels. Join the pointed petals to pointed petals and round petals to round petals.

I’m happy with the finished product! I am making a blanket for myself with this pattern in coral, light blue and cream. I’ll share photos when I’m done!

crochet flower baby blanket pattern on Adventures of a Pinner blog

Let me know if you have any questions about the pattern in the comments below!



organize tee shirts by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

organize tee shirts

organize tee shirts

I love this tee shirt folding trick that I found on Pinterest! I have maximized my tee shirt storage space and I can easily find my shirts. I also rolled my yoga pants (see left side of the organized drawer).

I would love to try the tricks you use to maximize space, share below in the comment section!


closet cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

closet cleaning tips – putting Clinton Kelly’s spring cleaning advice to work

I came across a closet cleaning tips post yesterday from Clinton Kelly and I swear it was written specifically for me. I grew up watching Clinton and Stacy on TLC’s What Not To Wear. I adore his work and advice.

If you’ve read my last post then you know that I’ve recently moved. I’ve always thought had a “space” problem but it turns out this whole time I’ve had a clothing problem. I can admit it, however I can also defend it.

  •  I’m a thrift store enthusiast. I find great deals and accumulate many pieces.
  • I’m very conscious of the items that I purchase. I avoid purchasing ill fitting, trendy articles and focus on items that will enhance my wardrobe from stores or designers that I know will last. I also have a shopping rule in place to prevent purchasing garments that I won’t wear. Before I can buy an item I need to think of three places the item can be worn and at least three ways to wear the garment (meaning this cute lace top can be worn with 1. my black pencil skirt & cardigan, 2. my red blazer and jeans, 3. my floral circle skirt and denim jacket). I don’t make frivolous purchases.
  • When I bring home something new I must discard something old. I made that decision when my closet started to overflow. I have to love a new piece more than something I already own and I must be willing to sacrifice the old item.

Up until yesterday I blamed my cluttered closet and dresser on my lack of space. In this new house I have more room. My closet is much bigger and my clothes should have fit easily. I struggled with the realization as I began unpacking. Luckily, I found this post that was written for me, I swear it to be true!

I’ve read many clean/organize your closet tips. They offer good information, I read the tips, pin the article and never look at it again (let alone actually preform the act of organizing). This post spoke to me simply because it made organizing and purging sound fun. You won’t believe me but I actually had a great time, see what he has to say here:

Spring Clean Your Closet: Be a Ruthless Bitch

Why this method worked for me:

Step1 prepares you to spend a chunk of time organizing. “block off a few hours” and come to the purging extravaganza with fun music/drinks. I amped myself for the night, I was excited to go home from work and have closet purge party. I put myself in the proper mindset and found a great throwback dance playlist. Maggie and I were ready to rock, let the purge begin!

closet cleaning tips Adventures of a Pinnter Blogcloset cleaning tips Adventures of a Pinnter Blog

Step 2 & 3 says to pull everything out of your closet and try it on. Everything, even the items that you know you love! I have never gone through clothes like this before and it is effective! It’s easier to get rid of a so-so dress after you’ve just worn one of your favorite dresses. You feel different. I’m standing there wearing my best little black dress singing and dancing to Beat It then I’m wearing, what I like to call, my “summer safari dress” and I’m not happy. The dress shrunk in the wash, it’s too short for work and I never wear it to personal events because I feel like I can’t bend over or really move. I’ve been holding on to it, I love everything else about the dress and I’ve convinced myself that I will wear it somewhere to some magical event that will not require me to bend or move. It was time to say goodbye.

closet cleaning tips Adventures of a Pinner Blog

My ‘aha’ moment hit me hard: I want every piece in my closet to give me that singing/dancing feeling. Life if is too short to wear clothes that don’t make you that happy.

My wardrobe now consists of only articles that I love! Everything looks and fits great! I made a Goodwill run with my discarded garments and I’ve got an appointment setup next week at my favorite consignment shop for some of my “like-new” items.

closet cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blogcloset cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

Step 4 didn’t happen for me simply because the closet was fresh and clean when I moved into the new space. I do need to invest in better hangers and it is definitely on my list of things to do! It makes perfect sense, if you value and appreciate your wardrobe you should also value your wardrobe’s home:

“Consider it a space to showcase your clothing, not cram them into hiding.” – Clinton Kelly

Step 5 Repeat. This is a process and the changing of seasons is the perfect time to remove the clothes that don’t make you happy! I’ve got my next session penciled in my planner for September 24.

closet cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

Painting Tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

painting tips

This weekend my family and I packed up 5 years of our lives to move to a new home. I am so excited about this new place and all the memories that we will make!

Before we could move in we had to do something about the paint in the kitchen/living area. The ceiling was chocolate-brown. Yes, brown. It made the high, vaulted ceiling look dark and small. We changed up the two accent walls that were an unsavory color of green. Think spilt pea soup. Yep, chocolate and split pea soup. It had to go!

painting tips by Adventures of a Pinner BlogPainting Tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

The best time to paint any room (especially the ceiling) is when it is empty. Before the big move I researched some painting tips and techniques on Pinterest and I wanted to share some of the advice that i found useful!

1. Place a plastic shopping bag around the paint pan. No washing the pan when it’s time to switch from primer to paint. This a great time and clean up saver!

2. Use a milk jug or plastic cup as small paint containers. They sell small paint holders in the painting supply aisle but there is no need to buy them when you can improvise with items you already have. Cut a hole in the milk jug and you’ve got a container with a handle or use a large plastic cup. This  came in handy when I was up on the top of the ladder.

.Painting tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blogpainting tips by Adventures of a Pinner BlogPainting Tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

3. Use makeup wipes to remove paint drips from hard surfaces. I was so excited that this tip actually works! Even if you’re very careful and you use drop clothes/painter’s tape there always seem to be unwanted paint somewhere. This will only work well if the paint is still fairly fresh. I tried using the makeup wipes on some primer from the previous day and it wouldn’t budge. The wipes work great for recently dripped or smudged paint though! I used the Clearasil Rapid Action Wipes.

remove paint from hard surfaces with makeup wipes

4. Have fun and get help from family and friends. My mom, sister and myself knocked this job out faster then one person alone. We added our thumbprints and the year behind the refrigerator to mark the date of the new look (:

Painting tips and Painting Ideas

Do you have any painting tips to help knock out your DIY makeovers? Share them with me in the comments!

Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting & Red Velvet Cupcakes by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

homemade cream cheese frosting & red velvet cupcake

I started making homemade frosting last fall, since then I have bought a couple tubs of store frosting when I was feeling lazy. I can’t go back though! It all tastes chemically after having the real stuff consistently.

I’ve made three different frosting flavors and each one is superb! I love them and I get nothing but raving reviews from all of my happy cupcake consumers. Last night I made red velvet cupcakes for a co-workers birthday and I went searching for a homemade cream cheese frosting to accompany those delightful, red treats.

I use Wilton’s frosting recipes. To date I’ve made these three flavors:

Give them a try and let me know what you think! Check out my Let them eat cake Pinterest board to see what’s next!