This weekend my family and I packed up 5 years of our lives to move to a new home. I am so excited about this new place and all the memories that we will make!

Before we could move in we had to do something about the paint in the kitchen/living area. The ceiling was chocolate-brown. Yes, brown. It made the high, vaulted ceiling look dark and small. We changed up the two accent walls that were an unsavory color of green. Think spilt pea soup. Yep, chocolate and split pea soup. It had to go!

painting tips by Adventures of a Pinner BlogPainting Tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

The best time to paint any room (especially the ceiling) is when it is empty. Before the big move I researched some painting tips and techniques on Pinterest and I wanted to share some of the advice that i found useful!

1. Place a plastic shopping bag around the paint pan. No washing the pan when it’s time to switch from primer to paint. This a great time and clean up saver!

2. Use a milk jug or plastic cup as small paint containers. They sell small paint holders in the painting supply aisle but there is no need to buy them when you can improvise with items you already have. Cut a hole in the milk jug and you’ve got a container with a handle or use a large plastic cup. This  came in handy when I was up on the top of the ladder.

.Painting tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blogpainting tips by Adventures of a Pinner BlogPainting Tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

3. Use makeup wipes to remove paint drips from hard surfaces. I was so excited that this tip actually works! Even if you’re very careful and you use drop clothes/painter’s tape there always seem to be unwanted paint somewhere. This will only work well if the paint is still fairly fresh. I tried using the makeup wipes on some primer from the previous day and it wouldn’t budge. The wipes work great for recently dripped or smudged paint though! I used the Clearasil Rapid Action Wipes.

remove paint from hard surfaces with makeup wipes

4. Have fun and get help from family and friends. My mom, sister and myself knocked this job out faster then one person alone. We added our thumbprints and the year behind the refrigerator to mark the date of the new look (:

Painting tips and Painting Ideas

Do you have any painting tips to help knock out your DIY makeovers? Share them with me in the comments!

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