I came across a closet cleaning tips post yesterday from Clinton Kelly and I swear it was written specifically for me. I grew up watching Clinton and Stacy on TLC’s What Not To Wear. I adore his work and advice.

If you’ve read my last post then you know that I’ve recently moved. I’ve always thought had a “space” problem but it turns out this whole time I’ve had a clothing problem. I can admit it, however I can also defend it.

  •  I’m a thrift store enthusiast. I find great deals and accumulate many pieces.
  • I’m very conscious of the items that I purchase. I avoid purchasing ill fitting, trendy articles and focus on items that will enhance my wardrobe from stores or designers that I know will last. I also have a shopping rule in place to prevent purchasing garments that I won’t wear. Before I can buy an item I need to think of three places the item can be worn and at least three ways to wear the garment (meaning this cute lace top can be worn with 1. my black pencil skirt & cardigan, 2. my red blazer and jeans, 3. my floral circle skirt and denim jacket). I don’t make frivolous purchases.
  • When I bring home something new I must discard something old. I made that decision when my closet started to overflow. I have to love a new piece more than something I already own and I must be willing to sacrifice the old item.

Up until yesterday I blamed my cluttered closet and dresser on my lack of space. In this new house I have more room. My closet is much bigger and my clothes should have fit easily. I struggled with the realization as I began unpacking. Luckily, I found this post that was written for me, I swear it to be true!

I’ve read many clean/organize your closet tips. They offer good information, I read the tips, pin the article and never look at it again (let alone actually preform the act of organizing). This post spoke to me simply because it made organizing and purging sound fun. You won’t believe me but I actually had a great time, see what he has to say here:

Spring Clean Your Closet: Be a Ruthless Bitch

Why this method worked for me:

Step1 prepares you to spend a chunk of time organizing. “block off a few hours” and come to the purging extravaganza with fun music/drinks. I amped myself for the night, I was excited to go home from work and have closet purge party. I put myself in the proper mindset and found a great throwback dance playlist. Maggie and I were ready to rock, let the purge begin!

closet cleaning tips Adventures of a Pinnter Blogcloset cleaning tips Adventures of a Pinnter Blog

Step 2 & 3 says to pull everything out of your closet and try it on. Everything, even the items that you know you love! I have never gone through clothes like this before and it is effective! It’s easier to get rid of a so-so dress after you’ve just worn one of your favorite dresses. You feel different. I’m standing there wearing my best little black dress singing and dancing to Beat It then I’m wearing, what I like to call, my “summer safari dress” and I’m not happy. The dress shrunk in the wash, it’s too short for work and I never wear it to personal events because I feel like I can’t bend over or really move. I’ve been holding on to it, I love everything else about the dress and I’ve convinced myself that I will wear it somewhere to some magical event that will not require me to bend or move. It was time to say goodbye.

closet cleaning tips Adventures of a Pinner Blog

My ‘aha’ moment hit me hard: I want every piece in my closet to give me that singing/dancing feeling. Life if is too short to wear clothes that don’t make you that happy.

My wardrobe now consists of only articles that I love! Everything looks and fits great! I made a Goodwill run with my discarded garments and I’ve got an appointment setup next week at my favorite consignment shop for some of my “like-new” items.

closet cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blogcloset cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

Step 4 didn’t happen for me simply because the closet was fresh and clean when I moved into the new space. I do need to invest in better hangers and it is definitely on my list of things to do! It makes perfect sense, if you value and appreciate your wardrobe you should also value your wardrobe’s home:

“Consider it a space to showcase your clothing, not cram them into hiding.” – Clinton Kelly

Step 5 Repeat. This is a process and the changing of seasons is the perfect time to remove the clothes that don’t make you happy! I’ve got my next session penciled in my planner for September 24.

closet cleaning tips by Adventures of a Pinner Blog

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