Hedgehog Cheese Ball

I’m a little late sharing this cutie! My best friend’s woodland creatures baby shower was last week Saturday. This little guy seemed like the perfect dish for a woodland theme!

I found the idea at I Love Love Events (they also have a bunch of other cute woodland party ideas)!

You can use your favorite cheese ball recipe to create this little guy. Then you shape the cheese into a rounded mound with a pointed nose. I used raisins for the eyes and nose. Then (tediously) arrange the almonds. I started at the front and slowly worked my way back. This is not a dish for the impatient, it took some time placing each almond. If you have the patience then I recommend trying out this adorable cheese ball design! 


Neapolitan Cupcakes

My, oh my! When I saw these beauties on Pinterest I had to pin them! These cupcakes are not only pretty but they are delicious too! If you regularly check into by blog you know that I’m all about home-made frosting. Ever since I started making my own frosting I cannot eat the store bought cans, they taste so chemically! 

These little delights consist of three yummy homemade frostings! Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla! You can find the recipe at this fun blog: I Am Baker

 I reduced each frosting recipe in half because it seemed like a lot, I hate having extra frosting hanging around and I do not like to throw away food!  I had the perfect amount of strawberry and vanilla but I did run out of chocolate frosting with 6 cupcakes to go.

I highly rcommend giving this cupcake a try. They are certainly a showstopper! 


Mongolian Beef Ramen

Tonight I tried one of my recent Pinterest recipe pins and this dish has moved from my Recipes to Try board to my Tried and True board! I will most definitely be cooking up this meal again!

I didn’t have any issues or problems with the instructions! I might cut the brown sugar in the sauce a little bit next time but this pin was a success! Head over to Jo Cooks for the recipe!


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Happy lazy Sunday morning! There’s nothing like yummy comfort food, your comfy clothes and a little HGTV. 

I was craving cinnamon rolls today but I don’t have any yeast, so bust! I hopped on Pinterest for an alternative and found this yummy cinnamon roll pancake recipe by Midget Momma. They are tasty and hit the spot!

The recipe is nice and easy! The only hiccup I had was my first batch, I waited too long to apply the cinnamon swirl, you need to put it down before the cakes start bubbling! The next batches came out great! 

The next time I make this recipe I will cut the filling and glaze ingredients in half or double the pancake mix. I have a lot of extra filling and glaze.