My, oh my! When I saw these beauties on Pinterest I had to pin them! These cupcakes are not only pretty but they are delicious too! If you regularly check into by blog you know that I’m all about home-made frosting. Ever since I started making my own frosting I cannot eat the store bought cans, they taste so chemically! 

These little delights consist of three yummy homemade frostings! Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla! You can find the recipe at this fun blog: I Am Baker

 I reduced each frosting recipe in half because it seemed like a lot, I hate having extra frosting hanging around and I do not like to throw away food!  I had the perfect amount of strawberry and vanilla but I did run out of chocolate frosting with 6 cupcakes to go.

I highly rcommend giving this cupcake a try. They are certainly a showstopper! 

Published by Cait Thrasher

Crafter & Thrifter & Book worm & Dog person & Marketing Professional & Coffee enthusiast & Fashionista & Beer snob & Baker.

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